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The Fun Page

Because of the nature of the fun we must admit that none of the funnies is our creation.  Visit our link sight to find more fun.

Army Food

While in the Army my friend, an Army Chaplain, and I went to the mess hall to get dinner.  Mind you my friend is in his early 50's and loves to run for fun.  His plate was piles high with food.  As I was leaving the food line to get my drink I looked over and noticed he was drounding his plate with gravey. 

I stopped and asked,"Why are you putting all that gravey on your food."  His reply was, "What is Army food without gravey?"

Without missing a beat I said, "Hard to swallow!"

Gender Role

One day a preacher came home to find his wife in a brand new dress.  He looked at her and asked, "Didn't I say that you were not supposed to get anymore clothes?"

Embarrased, the wife replied, "Yes, but Satan tempted me and told me it looked good from the front!"

The preacher, a little startled by what had just came out of his wife's mouth, then replied saying, "Didn't I tell you to say, 'Satan, get thee behind me!'?"

She replied saying, "Yes, but when I said that he said it look god from bach there too!"

From the Mouth of Babes