About Us

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Mission Statement

Evangilize to the Lost.

Equip the saints.

Edify the body of believers.

What we Believe

We believe in God, the creator of all things visible and invisible and eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We believe that man was created in the image of God with the free will to worship Him.  We believe the relationship between God and man ended when doubt entered the heart of man after being tempted by Satan.  Man's disobedience towards God caused sin and shame to enter the world affecting man's relationship with God, with nature, and with others. 

We believe Jesus Christ, the one true Son of God, who came from heaven in the flesh to reconcile the relationship between God and man through His death on the cross and His resurrection three days later.  We believe Jesus is the only way for salvation, apart from Him no man can see the Father and have eternal life.  We believe Jesus will return soon for the true church, His body, and bring an end to all that is evil in the world.  

We believe in the Holy Spirit who indwells in every believer.  He provides gifts of service for the purpose of preparing God's people for the work to serve in order to build up the body of Christ.  

We do not believe man can work for his salvation but must work out his salvation through spiritual disciplines in order to remain faithful to the Lord.  For those who bleieve and follow Jesus serve Him best by serving others.  

We believe scripture is God's word for us to live in harmoney with Him and with others.


First we wish to reach out to the local community and encourage them to join in worship without feeling they are out of place.

Second is to train godly men and women to go out and be an example of what Christ has called us to.  

Third is to guide people to discover their gifts and abilities to better serve others and the church.

Contact Information


More to follow.